Radovanu, archaeological sites of "Gorgana Întâi", and "Gorgana Doua"

The archaeological research of "Gorgana Doua" was made by Sebastian Morintz and Donea Şerbănescu. The surveys were taken between 1971-1973, 1975-1977, 1979, 1984 and 1988. They studied the settlement from the late Bronze Age and the Getic fortress.

In 2004 they resumed and expended the research on "Gorgana Întâia" also, studied previously by Eugen Comşa. Here was found another Geto-Dacian fortified complex. Between the years 2004-2012 in charge was Donea Şerbănescu, and science 2013 Alexandru Morintz took his place. Cristian Schuster, always participated at this surveys. Also, part of the team, were more or less, many students and specialist from Romania, U.S.A., Great Britain and Bulgaria.

The first campaigns (2004-2006) were made only on "Gorgana Doua", and as purpose was to find more informations about the Getic fortress and the settlement from late Bronze Age: the defensive system, the shape, the ordering of the houses etc. The most important artefacts found were some Greek coins, ceramics, flat grinders, weights, tools and different objects made from stone, metal or bronze. Also, they found seven fireplaces, all decorated with coiled cord. Most of them were shaped rectangular and targeted to all cardinal points.

During the campaigns in the years 2007-2009, the digging took place on both sites. The survey from "Gorgana Întâia" was made to continue the work of Eugen Comşa. On the defensive side, they embarked the profile of that section, moment when they confirmed the studies made in 1988. The preserved of the bank has a length of 40 m and is oval shaped. At the end of the fortified area, alongside with it, is a stone wall, made from slabs, with a small foundation, which in Eugen Comşa’s opinion, and had served as support for the shore. Here they studied the tombs from Cernavodă I Culture.

The important result of surveying "Gorgana Întâia" made the specialists to increase the research in the next campaign of 2009-2012. They found informations regarding the cultures Gumelniţa, Cernavodă I and the Dacian period.

During the campaigns between the years 2013-2014, the research was exclusively on "Gorgana Doua". The archaeological study took place at the same time with many magnetometer measurements in this site.

In 11 years of research in Radovanu area, many specialists and students were trained, by also using new methods of research

radovanu gorganele

siturile arheologice Gorgana întâia şi a doua pe Serverul Cartografic pentru Patrimoniul Național Cultural

The archaeological sites Gorgana Intai and Gorgana Doua on the Cartographic Server of National Cultural Patrimony


Radovanu - The 2014 Campaign


Radovanu - The 2015 Campaign


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