Radovanu Culture

The contents of Radovanu Civilization (end of Bronze Age) was established through the researches carried out at the archaeological site from Radovanu, The point Second Gorgana. This civilization was indetified along Danube, between the city Zimnicea and the inferior course of Arges river, and at the southern part of Danube elements of this civilization can be found up to Valea Maritei. The bases of this civilization were represented by the civilization Coslogeni, with strong contributions of the Tei, Zimnicea and Verbicioara Civilizations and many south influences. The economy of Radovanu Culture was based on the traditional occupations:the cultivation of plants, breeding of cattle, hunting, fishing, sinning, weaving. There were used bronze tools and weapons:axes, harpoons,knives, points of arrows, but there were also found stone tools such as :stone blades.lint scrappers or polished stone axes and clubs.As regards the archaeological site from Radovanu, there were discovered proofs attesting the activity of metallurgical workshop where bronze jewellery and tools were forged. The ceramics, very diverse from the typological point of view, was strongly polished and sometimes decorated with incisions, mouldings and prominences.Settlements belonging to Radovanu Culture were also found in Budesti, Ulmeni, Chirnogi, Cascioarele and Zimnicea.



Descarcă catalogul: Muzeul Civilizaţiei Gumelniţa – Olteniţa, editura Eurogama Invest S.R.L., Bucureşti 2005. (pdf, 8 MB)





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