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Art Museum of the city of Olteniţa was opened to the public in 2001. The museum, so far unique in the country because it’s arrangement in an unconventional space in a building designed specifically for potable water redistribution city residents, is an attraction for tourists. Water Tower, after his duty abundantly for five decades, was for 30 years a famous tavern, and for those who have had the administration did not care to fix it, it was left and it taken a sad destination as refugee for the homeless people.

But someone thought that this space might still arrange a museum and an art museum. The lake of heritage for an art museum wasn’t an impediment and the building functioned for 2 years as an art gallery. Several local artists, almost all amateur painters, exhibited their creations, but in all cases, after two to three weeks and withdrew exhibits and the museum has long been closed. In 2003, through an effort and using local artists, who donated to the Art Museum has made its heritage. Although the number of objects of art from the museum's patrimony is still quite modest, numerically and in terms of artistic, some exhibits are likely to be part of the national cultural heritage. Some artistic achievements are even proposed National Commission for Museums and Collections, to be classified as treasures. We present these remarkable artistic achievements in the hope that the right public will focus his attention on this cultural establishment.

The "Avânt" is a white marble bust sculpted by artist Alexander Severin, who arrived in the interwar period the lands around Olteniţa. In more villages around the city Olteniţa we meet memorials, carved or cast in bronze, made by the artist. A sculpture, marble bust same was in the museum at Olteniţa exposed to National Museum of Art of Romania. About how this remarkable artistic achievement reached in Olteniţa, we know little and very vague. After some information marble bust had been found in a common close in the basement of a house, where he arrived in the cafeteria of the former Trust of Civil Engineering. Here stood a long time on a pedestal. As the building was often rented for weddings in 1988, some of Bacchus’s liquor drunken wedding guests have slammed the cement sculpture on the floor and broke his head, with which they began to play football. It is an act of vandalism worthy of the Criminal Code. A few days went, and the bust arrived at the museum, where it was restored and then displayed in the exhibition Art Museum. Opera is signed: Al. Severin 1940.


In 1999, Nicolae Trepăduş art teacher, originally from the village of Valea Popii, but settled in Bucharest, offered the Museum of Olteniţa to purchase more artistic achievements of sculptor-medalist George Stănescu. How the museum did not have such funds, the bidder withdrew pieces, but some of them were donated. Sculptor George Stănescu was born in Olteniţa, was well appreciated in his time. He realized many medals effigy made of mint state in the interwar period. The Art Museum of the Water Tower is currently the sculptures below:

- "Bătrâna povestiind" is a sculpture cast in plaster patina, which represents an old lady in natural size, made by the artist in 1912, while he made his studies in Vienna. It was exhibited at the Salon "Kunstler - Haus," where he was awarded. After some art critics, the expressive sculpture would appear to be the sculptor’s grandmother. The vintage clothing deserves particularly attention. A carved wooden replica of the work was exhibited in the same year in Bucharest, in the salon "Tinerimea Artistică". The wood carving was purchased by the writer N.D Cocea.

- "Leonard", molded plaster sculpture is a life-size bust, representing the opera singer, tenor Nicolae Leonard (1886-1928).

- "Tinereţe" is a sculpture cast in plaster, where is pictured his sister. The present museum exhibition have some paintings and graphics made by renowned contemporary artists as Aflorii Elena, Constantin Baciu, and Constantinescu Cici.

-"Peisaj bucureştean", watercolor, signed Aflorii Elena, dated 1963;

-"Scenă din spectacol" graphics coal, C. Baciu, dated 1963;

-"Dunărea la Tulcea", oil on board painting by Cici Constantinescu, dated 1963.

In the Art Museum’s heritage are some local artists and their artistic achievements: Florian Sofian, Vali Ciobanu, and Cristina Neagu-Pârvu, who have enriched the heritage with their donations.

Prof. Florian Sofian is present with his current painting "Turnul de Apă", performed in a pastel color that lovely impresses.Vali Irina Ciobanu has several graphic works as "Bunica", "Autoportret", "Nichita" and "Natură Statică".

Cristina Neagu-Pârvu, stylist, excel in seascapes and works of scenography.

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