Boian Culture

Boian Culture is found throughout both banks of Danube, Muntenia and North Bulgaria.Their economy is characterized by practice of primitive cultivation of plants, breeding of cattle and less hunting.The flint tools are mostly microliths. Axes and adzes were made of polished stone.Copper objects are very rare. The settlements usually were built at ground level, of wooding framing, with ridged roof and having a fire place in a corner or in the middle. The ceramic is abundantly decorated with lineal bands,triangular impressions on sides, excision and incrustations in white.

The plastic art, very rare, is represented by anthropomorphic and zoomorphic figurines, which means that the fertility cult used to be practiced. Near the municipality of Oltenita there were discovered settlements belonging of this civilization and also a few necropolises and some of them were archaeologically researched: Oltenita, Radovanu, Spantov, Popesti, Vasilati, Valea Argovei, Sultana and Cascioarele.



Descarcă catalogul: Muzeul Civilizaţiei Gumelniţa – Olteniţa, editura Eurogama Invest S.R.L., Bucureşti 2005. (pdf, 8 MB)





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