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Gumelniţa Civilization Museum of Olteniţa (Călăraşi County), in partnership with the National Heritage Institute and the Association for Urban Development, announced the project "3D Perspective on prehistory. Heritage Museum of Civilization Gumelniţa in light of new information technologies", co-financed by the National Cultural Fund of Administration. The action will run from 15 September to 15 November 2015 and has as main goal the preservation, promotion and enhancement of the national cultural heritage through new information technologies. Among the specific objectives of the project are found:

· Preservation through digitization (photogrammetry and 3D modeling) of goods from prehistorically archaeological collection of the Museum of Civilization Gumelniţa;

• promoting Romania's cultural heritage among the communities with special needs, disadvantaged and vulnerable groups;

• promoting Romanian cultural heritage nationally and internationally through foreign partners and online environment (website, social media, etc.);

· Educating high school students in the city of Olteniţa with the specific purpose of active and concrete involvement in the preservation and valorization of the national cultural heritage;

• increase the contribution of Romania to the European Digital Library, ( by adding a set of digital objects with special character.

The project aims 3D digitizing of about 50 archaeological items (vases, statues, lamps etc.) owned by the Museum of Civilization Gumelniţa from excavations that this institution has coordinated over time. The method used is photogrammetry, which involves several successive operations: shooting each object from multiple angles, resulting in more than 300 of clichés for each object, processing each image singular and shaping semi-automatic three-dimensional image by a computer program.

• increase the contribution of Romania to the European Digital Library, Europeana ( by adding a set of digital objects with special character. Later digital objects will be uploaded to the website of the Museum as a virtual exhibition, where they can be viewed by any user of the Internet. At the actions of digitization will attend high school students from the Theoretical High School "Neagoe Basarab" and "Nicolae Bălcescu" in the town of Olteniţa that will be trained by our experts to use the techniques and methods of photogrammetricy, with the purpose of being involved in other activities to preserve the archaeological heritage of the Museum.

The goods were found in sites belonging to the protohistory period, researched in the localities Olteniţa, Sultana, Vlădiceasca (neo-Neolithic, approx. 5000-4500 BC. BC.), Căscioarele (Iron Age, Getic culture, sec. IV-III BC. BC.) And Radovanu (Bronze Age, sec. XII-XIV cent. AD.; Iron Age and Getic culture, sec. I and II. Hr.).

3D digitizing is also a viable and modern cultural heritage preservation. By creating 3D digital models and replicas of items, they are preserved and valued for an unlimited period of time.



Theodor Zavalaș – manager of Gumelnita Civilization Museum


Bogdan Șandric – project coordinator (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Oana Borlean

Adriana Vâlcu

Iuliana Damian

Dan Patzelt

Proiectul ImagoRomaniae


Imago Romaniae is a project of the National Museum of History. The project involves the discovery of a complex universe because Imago Romaniae refers to the image of Romanian space in the most comprehensive of its forms, whether real or imagined, that goes from the late thirteenth century until 1945 (extendable up in 1970 or 1980). Imago Romaniae presents maps, lithographs, engravings, paintings, postcards or photographs.

Project- Green Gold of Danube

This project was intended to show the wealth of green and the people who live close to the Danube. Its duration of two years, more precisely 2011-2013, realized on Axis 2 (2007-2013). The goal was to inform and develop our knowledge of nature protection. The project partners were the Culture House "Nikola Vaptsarov Yonko 1872" from Tutrakan, Bulgaria, Museum of Civilization Gumelniţa from Olteniţa, România and District Administration Silistra, Bulgaria.


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