Proiectul ImagoRomaniae


Imago Romaniae is a project of the National Museum of History. The project involves the discovery of a complex universe because Imago Romaniae refers to the image of Romanian space in the most comprehensive of its forms, whether real or imagined, that goes from the late thirteenth century until 1945 (extendable up in 1970 or 1980). Imago Romaniae presents maps, lithographs, engravings, paintings, postcards or photographs.

Imago Romaniae envisagesto harness the important background images in the National Museum of Romanian Historyţs library and other collections of the museum patrimony. We will not be limited to what is "in our backyard," but we will consider other documentation funds through collaboration with other institutions in the country and abroad, as well as private collectors.

I for that images can tell us, for example how foreigners seen these places (though I think of cartographic representations, artistic or photographic going from the thirteenth century until the mid-nineteenth century) or the locals , how the towns, villages, buildings, infrastructure Romania looked like 150, 100 or 50 years ago or what Romanians elected their seats for "rest and treatment."

Visitors have the opportunity to discover how much the natural landscape and the interference of manmade structeres had been changed or preserved in Romanian territories during the last few years.

That been said, those interested in the Romanian village will satisfy their curiosity by visiting the theme of "Lumea Satului"(Village’s World); those who are attracted to urban will find here a multitude of categories dedicated to Romanian city (from general views, through the institutions, reaching important monuments, streets and avenues and even hotels and casinos!); for mapping enthusiasts there is a section dedicated ,"Hărţi"(Maps), where they will find a number of such documents, particularly interesting; important moments in the history of the Romanian people (be it war or other political , social or cultural events) have their own dedicated sections. We haven’t left out any churches and monasteries, resorts, residences or artistic life.



Addresss: The Gumelnita Civilization Museum, Argeșului street no. 101, 915400 Oltenița, Călărași County, Romania.
Phone/fax: 0242.511.174

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Program and access

The Museum of Gumelnița Culture

Program: Monday-Friday 8 a.m. - 16 p.m.

Entrance fee: General entrance: 2 lei;
Discounted tickets (for seniors, students and children): 1 leu.

Photographed items: - Individuals 20 lei - Corporations 100 lei.
Guide for groups 1-10 people 10 lei, more then 10 people 20 lei.